Globe Valve


We make all varieties of Globe Valves like On-Off Disc, Control Disc and Parabolic Disc under the brand name . Globe Valves are produced with materials like C.I, SG IRON, WCB, LCB, WC-1, WC-6, WC-9, CF-8, CF-8M, CF-3, CF-3M, CN-7M, CD4-Cu., Hastelloy etc. The Product range commences from 06 NB to 400 NB and pressure rating from BS/ASME 150# through 2500# and from PN-10 through PN-250. Stellite/Hard faced trim are offered in all Valves of 600# and higher ratings as a unique standard of Valves, where as for lower ratings it is offered when demanded.

Globe Valves are precisely designed to guarantee 100% smooth flow area to decrease pressure drop across the Valve. Specifically designed Seat and Packing material are offered for superheated steam and high temperature oils and fluids to make certain that it is easy to service and also durable. It is accurately machined and has a lapped backseat which aids in replacing Gland Packing when the Valve is in full stream.

The standard production limits up to 400 NB, but it is also customized in larger sizes, higher pressure ratings, with special material of construction.

Ductile Iron Globe Valves Globe Valves are checked and certified by our Q. C. Department and also by the Clients or any Third Party Inspection by an internationally reputed agency.


Globe Valve 150#

Globe Valve 900#

Globe Valve 1500#

Globe Valve - Technical Specification
Size Range 50 NB through 400 NB
Pressure Rating BS - 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
Type OS & Y, Bolted / Pressure Seal / Seal Welded Bonnet
End Connection Flanged / Butt Weld
Operation Hand Wheel / Manual Gear / Electric Motor Actuator
Port Opening Full
Seat Integral / Renewable / Weld Deposited
Disc Swivel - Flat / Taper / Control / Parabolic
Gasket & Packing PTFE / Graphite / Spiral Wound / Ring Joint
MOC Refer Material Chart
Design Code BS 1873, DIN - 2401
Testing BS 6755 Part-I
Inspection 3rd Party / Client / Manufacturer