Knife Gate Valve
Knife Gate Valves are exclusively designed and manufactured as per MSS SP-81 to tackle the tough working conditions in Pulp & Paper, Mining & Steel, Power and Chemical Industries to deal with Semi-Solids, Fly Ash, Chips, Iron Ore, Tea and Coffee powders, Food Products like chips and mixtures, Sugar and Sugarcane Juice,  Fiber content Pulps and similar media. The Knife Gate Valves are offered in an extensive range of Material where as its Knife edged Plate is made of from Stainless Steel Plates of different grades irrespective of the Body material, Hard Faced Plates to suit the application. During shutting operation of the Knife Gate Valve the Knife edged Plate cuts off the solids and allows the plate to seal properly.

Diversity Of Application
Knife Gate Valve is so designed for variant applications as stated above. In addition to the above information Knife Gate Valves are serving for where the space is a limitation, cost is a limitation, maintenance time and money are a limitation. We have the solution. In case the Valve is to be used on Vacuum pipeline, we have a solution. In case the Valve is to be used for utility services, we have a solution. In case you want to use in your affluent treatment plant we have a solution. We have solutions for each and every application and do feel free to contact us. Our technical team will be at your disposal.

Knife Gate Valves are offered with Soft Sealing and Metal to Metal sealing options to suit different working conditions.

Knife Gate Valves are also offered with varied operational options like Hand Wheel, Pneumatic Cylinder/Hydraulic Cylinder/Electrical Actuator.

Knife Gate Valves are offered in different materials like Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Cast Carbon Steel, Cast Stainless Steel of all Grades, Alloy-20, CD4MCu, Duplex & Super Duplex etc.; Size ranges from 50NB through 900 NB and Pressure Rating in MSS SP-81 150#.

Knife Gate Valve

Square Type
Knife Gate Valve

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Knife Edge Gate Valve - Technical Specification
Size Range 50 NB through 900 NB
Pressure Rating MSS SP 81- 150# / PN16
Type OS & Y TYPE
End Connection Wafer / Lugged / Flanged
Operation Hand Wheel / Gear Box / Pneumatic Cylinder / Electrical Actuator
Port Opening Full
Seat Integral/Renewable Metal to Metal or Soft Seating
Disc Solid Knife type
Gasket & Packing PTFE / Graphite / Asbestos etc.
MOC Refer Material Chart
Design Code MSS SP-81
Testing MSS SP-81
Inspection 3rd Party / Client / Manufacturer
Knife Gate Valve

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Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve
Pneumatic Operated

Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve
Pneumatic Operated

Knife Gate Valve
Manual Operated


Knife Gate Valve Conduit Type

Knife Gate Valve Pneumatic Operated with Limit Switch, AFR
& Solenoid Valve

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